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How To Quit Toxic Dopamine Hits

Are you tired of waking up in your mornings, and regretting the decisions you made the previous night?Do you find yourself turning to alcohol, food, or porn for relief when stressed out or overwhelmed?Are you frustrated with constantly giving in to unhealthy junk food, knowing it's not good for you?If you answered one of these questions with yes:
This is for you.
I no longer allow myself to mindlessly scroll on social media, eat unhealthy food, or vape when I feel unmotivated or bored - and I am very conscious and aware of what I consume on a daily basis.By eliminating toxic dopamine hits, I no longer wake up with regrets.No more brain fog, lack of motivation, or feelings of "unexcitedness" about the day ahead.It has been a mental, physical, and spiritual breakthrough for both my personal and business life.Today, we'll I will identify toxic dopamine hits, share the framework I've used to eliminate them and discuss 5 benefits I've experienced since removing them from my life.What is a toxic dopamine hit?To identify them, you must first understand what they are.A toxic dopamine is "a behavior that provides immediate pleasure or satisfaction but leads to detrimental effects on mental or physical health, well-being, and overall quality of life."These behaviors are typically associated with addictive or compulsive patterns.Some examples of these behaviors include:- Substance abuse
- Seeking validation
- Excessive screentime
- Compulsive shopping
- Bingeing on junk food
(my demon from the past... But I did all of them...)toxic dopamine hits will distract us from designing a life that aligns with our core values, goals, and interests.So, what do we need to do?We must eliminate these behaviors....At all costs.How do we get rid of them?
So the big question then is: How do we get rid of them?

I recently re-read James Clear's book Atomic Habits - to pull inspiration and create an easy seven-step framework that I’ve used...
and hopefully, you too can use yourself.

Step 1: Cue
You have to identify the cue or trigger that initiates the bad habit.This could be a specific event, time of day, emotional state, or event.Example: Being mentally drained after a long day.Step 2: CravingIdentify and understand the craving or desire that follows the cue.This refers to the emotional or mental state that makes you want to perform the behavior.Example: Wanting to feel relieved, entertained, relaxed, and stress-free.Step 3: RoutineIdentify the specific behavior or routine that happens before the undesirable behavior.What action do you take in response to the craving for dopamine?Example: Walking to the fridge to grab a cold beer.Step 4: ReplaceIdentify a positive habit or behavior that can replace the negative one but still addresses the underlying craving.Choose something that provides a similar reward.Example: Go to a martial arts class or do some hiit training (personal favorites)Step 5: EnvironmentPay close attention to the people or environments that lead you to unwanted habits.Distance yourself or completely take yourself out of these situations to avoid temptation.Prevention is the best cure.Example: Creating boundaries with friends who drink regularly. Don't go to nightclubs.Step 6: RepeatConsistently repeating the positive behavior will reinforce the new neural pathways.Habits are strengthened through repetition, so aim for consistency.Example: Tracking your sober days and also the days on which you performed your new desirable behavior.Step 7: CelebrateCelebrate your wins.Feeling good about your transformational process makes the reinforcement even faster.Example: Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you're proud.Easier said than done?
But can this framework be used for any toxic dopamine hit or unwanted habit?Absolutely.You can do this.Tobi

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